How It Works

MYL’s GRAVITY solution makes translating website content an efficient and user-friendly process.  GRAVITY can connect to any content or document management system, from WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint, Adobe Experience Manager or even proprietary systems. Using CMS specific connectors or plugins enables you to filter and select content for translation, send content seamlessly to MYL, and receive completed professional translations back.

Translation/Editing Capabilities

  • Support for most major content management systems. Custom or proprietary systems are also supported with some custom development
  • No manual export or import of translation content required  All jobs can be completed using web services (using the standard XLIFF multilingual file format)
  • Send single pages or complete sites for translation
  • Advanced content selection and job tracking functionality
  • Isolates the HTML markup to protect against unintentional tampering
  • Connects directly to MYL’s back-end system
  • Easy tracking of in progress translation requests
  • Automatically inserts completed translations back into the right places

Major CMS Systems Supported

Adobe AEM         Sharepoint

Drupal                  Sitecore

Episerver             TYPO3

Joomla                 Umbraco

Kentico                WordPress

Magento              SDL LiveContent







Translation Cost Optimization

  • Automatically identifies if a sentence or paragraph has already been translated in the past by MYL.  The GRAVITY system automatically reuses the past translations
  • Automatically identifies repeating sentences and paragraphs and sends these only once for translation.  This may lead to an overall translation volume decrease of 20% or more
  • If your site has already been translated, you can possibly have your existing translations aligned and submitted to your translation team for approval, for future use

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